Fordham University Press, 2020.


"S. Brook Corfman's My Daily Actions, or The Meteorites is an exquisitely crafted account of a vanishing world. Reminiscent of Lyn Hejinian’s My Life for our anthropocene era, Corfman writes mesmerizing sentences that can stand on their own, like messages in a bottle washed up from our ever expanding sea. Consider this line: “I understand repression as an absence still filling the lungs with water.” Or the following line: “I believe again in astrology because it seems as arbitrary as gender.” Corfman infuses much tenderness and felt wisdom and imagination in each of these seeming truisms....there is nothing hasty or random in Corfman’s prose poems, which all seem considered with such painstaking care that I want to read them again and again. My Daily Actions, or The Meteorites tracks our existential dread with both worldly and solitary astonishment." -- Cathy Park Hong

My Daily Actions, or The Meteorites by S. Brook Corfman

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