"Nicole Cooley presents a kaleidoscopic view of intimacy and commitment in her crisp, engaging “Of Marriage” (Alice James). Using various forms, Cooley explores the complexities and constraints of being legally and emotionally bound to one person. The writing is by turns confident and questioning, as the speaker considers the promise of matrimony — lifelong contentment and security — and its realities. Unexpected line breaks and analogies convey the challenges she and her husband face as they navigate an enduring union and raise two daughters. In the poem “Marriage, a Zuihitsu,” she explains, “Under our bed is another world, branched and tunneled, where we could hide,/ where we could twine our bodies, knit our bones together, in the shimmer of/ river water, in the quiet magic space of marriage no one sees.” No matter how you view Cooley’s subject matter, in this, her seventh collection, she will make you think again." --Elizabeth Lund, Washington Post

Of Marriage by Nicole Cooley

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