"Dear Anne Lesley Selcer, hello from, 'This book looks like reversal. / This book has a beauty that's ruined when it's read.' The misery of dying each day, and each day better seeing through the hallucination of our imagined banquet, your poems do not comfort, better then that they galvanize and embolden. The acceptance of and anger for what we think we know. Thank you. My life differs from before your book because of your book. 'I arise from this accelerated archaeology to spit in knowing's eye.' In the stack of poetry books I keep with me, the ones that I need to remind me to make the conditions of this world tolerable in order to fully transfigure, your book is at the top. It is poets like you who make not being able to do it all alone okay." -- C.A. Conrad

Sun Cycle by Anne Lesley Selcer

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