"These poems speak from, of, and ahead of our times. They are the sound of our era’s political unconscious – what Fuhrman calls the “Tootsie Pop Mermaid of History.” This work is trying to wake us up and stir us to action even as “Every year, our belief in the future is more defunded.” Fuhrman’s method is radically original. Rather than speaking above our commodified Pop Art present, she embraces it, turning its tools against itself – “My tweet/ is a bullet/ headed/ straight/ into the heart/ of Capitalism,/ who is wearing/ a frayed/ Cookie Monster/ costume.” This writing is resilient and exhilarating, showing swagger in the face of daunting odds. Read it for an infusion of satire, wit, and defiance as you grapple with our current version of everyday life."

-Elaine Equi and https://entropymag.org/new-era-joanna-fuhrman/

To a New Era by Joanna Fuhrman

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