Zone 3, 2017


"Excellent poets build their own ecologies in which to work, and Cait Orcutt is an excellent poet. In Valleyspeak, she gives us Los Angeles as an entire ecosystem. The flora: lilies, fields of concrete, dry chunks of bark in a girl’s hand. The fauna: hummingbirds, insects with names like Consuelo, Miranda, and Rachel, and two sisters growing up in the middle of it all, fishing 'whole futures from stank / waters.' Orcutt has, with great generosity and formal precision, given us a map to this land of her making, to the home she’s (re)discovered there. Home—that’s the nucleus around which all these poems orbit. 'What a race / of pretending, // to think anyone gets away.'" —Kaveh Akbar

VALLEYSPEAK by Cait Weiss Orcutt

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