readers & writers funding local movements for social justice

The Brew & Forge Book Fair leverages the collective power of readers and writers to help build capacity in local community organizations on the front lines of social justice movements.

The Brew & Forge Book Fair emerged in the wake of the 2016 presidential election, as writers everywhere asked ourselves what we could do to support the people who would lead us into the next phase of the fight for justice: small, local organizations mobilizing their neighborhoods, schools, and communities. Held 1-2 times a year, Brew & Forge is a collective movement fundraising experiment and a throwback to the best week of elementary school. 


BFBF was founded by Franny Choi and is currently run by a steering committee including Franny, Tamiko Beyer, Lo Kwa Mei-En, Eloisa Amezcua, Jessica Yuan, and Claire Schwartz.

The Winter 2019 Book Fair is made possible through the donations of over 75 individual authors, as well as the following presses: AK Press, Beacon Press, Graywolf Press, Haymarket Books, Milkweed Editions, Noemi Press, and Nightboat Books.


  • Authors each agree to donate 1-3 signed copies of their book.

  • Each author votes for one of five nominated community organizations.

  • Donated books are posted online for 1-2 weeks for the public to purchase.

  • At the end of the fair, books are shipped out, and all proceeds go to the organization collectively chosen by the authors.

who we fund

Organizations are nominated and selected according to the following criteria:​



Builds power in a community facing attack under the current US administration.


Has a relatively small operating budget or limited access to traditional funding sources.​


Structure and philosophy center the voices of those most directly affected, leverage grassroots power, and utilize direct action.


Has built a strong reputation among local and national networks of organizers.